Lady Gaga officially announced her last two tattoos via Instagram in mid-February 2019 and thus made big headlines. One of them is a delicate rose blossom that has long stretched from Gaga’s neck to your waist. With the words “La Vie en Rose” around the thorny rose stem, she pays tribute to her character in the film “A Star Is Born”. The classic French song by Edith Piaf not only had a huge impact on the life of Ally (your film character), but also Gaga’s life itself.

The other of Gaga’s last tattoos has to do with music again, of course. She got the two musical notes G and A, which stand for her artist name. A mistake was noticed by Gaga’s fans. Of course, the 4 notes include 5 staves and not 4. The singer quickly resolved the problem and explained: “Avoided the music crisis. Too many tequilas have forgotten the fifth line of notes. “

La Vie en Rose – Lady Gaga’s last tattoo

lady gaga tattoos back la vie en rose

“… That happens when you drink and tattoo,” explains Lady Gaga

lady gaga tattoos notes

The 24 tattoos of Lady Gaga

These are Lady Gaga’s last two tattoos. But which is her first tattoo?

Her first tattoo motif was a clef and she got it at the age of 17. Of course, her parents weren’t thrilled about it. Gaga’s father had a special request for her: “He asked me to stay reasonably normal on at least one side of the body. […] I think he sees my right side as my Marylin Monroe and my left as my Iggy Pop side. “

Now there is no trace of the clef, because in 2008 (5 years later) Lady Gaga Rosen had herself stabbed on it.

Lady Gaga tattoos – clef and roses on it

lady gaga tattoos Roses

In 2006, at the age of 19, she got her next tattoo – a peace sign in homage to John Lennon.

Peace sign on the left wrist

lady gaga tattoos Peace Sign

Daisies on left shoulder 

lady gaga tattoos Daisies

In 2009 Lady Gaga had “Tokyo Love” pricked over her daisies.

Tokyo Love – handwriting by the Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki

Tokyo love

Gaga’s Tattoo in German is a quote from her favorite poet Rainer Maria Rilke and means the following:

lady gaga tattoo german

“I have this tattoo on my arm so it will remind me every day that my gift is to write songs. I have to do it, I have no choice. It’s like breathing. ”Says Lady Gaga

lady gaga tattoos upper arm

In the middle of Rilke’s quote, Gaga had the date 12/18/1974 engraved. Her aunt Joanne Stefani Germanotta died that day.

Next tattoo is also family connected and is a tribute to her father Joe Germanotta who survived open heart surgery in 2009.

lady gaga tattoos Dad

“Little Monsters” is Gaga’s nickname for her fan base and she got it under her German-language tattoo in 2010.

lady gaga tattoo deutsch Rainer Maria Rilke's quote

“Born This Way” tattoo was born in 2010 with the hit of the same name

lady gaga tattoos unicorn

In 2012 Gaga’s album ARTPOP was born and with it her next tattoo

lady gaga tattoos Artpop


lady gaga tattoo anchor

Angel head in the back of my mind

lady gaga tattoos cherub

The word “RIO” on the back of Gaga’s left head consists of three different signatures from her fans.

R † O

lady gaga tattoos rio

She had the little mouse on Gaga’s upper arm next to her elbow stabbed in honor of her sister Natali. That was her nickname as a young girl.


Trumpet on the right upper arm (2014)

lady gaga tattoos Trumpet

Monster paw – symbolizes the real Gagas fans and much more …

lady gaga tattoos Monster Paw

Mother monster

lady gaga tattoos monster mother

One month after David Bowie’s death, Lady Gaga had his cult portrait stabbed.

David Bowie (2016)

lady gaga tattoos bowie tattoo

lady gaga tattoos davod bowie

The symbol above the monster paw on Gaga’s left shoulder represents those who survived the sexual assault. With this, the pop singer declares her solidarity with them.

In honor of everyone who survived the sexual assault

lady gaga tattoos Sexual Assault Survivor Symbol

“Joanne” is the name of Gaga’s 5th album and is a tribute to her late aunt. The tattoo was immortalized in her own handwriting. The interesting thing is that Gaga’s father had the same tattoo tattooed on his own shoulder along with a little angel.

  Joanne (2016)

lady gaga tattoos joanne

On the 10th anniversary of Gaga’s house, the pop singer had the word “house” stabbed over her mouse tattoo.


lady gaga tattoos house

lady gaga back tattoo globes lede

lady gaga tattoo rio

lady gaga tattoos anchor

lady gaga tattoos back

lady gaga tattoos