The holiday season has definitely started. Perhaps most of you already know where you are going this year. Early bookers in particular have certainly secured their vacation by February-March at the latest. At the sea or in the mountains, through exciting metropolises or on a cruise ship – everyone can choose their own, very individual way of relaxing. But if you still haven’t decided where to find your holiday happiness and don’t really want to spend a lot of money, then you’ve come to the right place. Because today we will reveal 10 great and very affordable holiday destinations in Europe and also give you a few important tips when searching for and booking your flights and accommodations.

Cheap vacation destinations: what are the trends for 2018?

It is already clear: according to the Federal Statistical Office (Destastis), the most expensive holiday destinations in Europe for Germans are: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark and the cheapest – Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary and Croatia. The statistics are based primarily on the prices of restaurant and hotel services as well as food costs, which are compared with the German standard of living. Of course, when planning your next vacation you should not only consider your wallet, but also other criteria, such as safety. What is the political situation in a country like, what natural conditions are there, etc..

Find cheap vacation destinations and enjoy life!

cheap holiday destinations by the sea

10 countries that we recommend as cheap holiday destinations

Regardless of whether you are looking for cheap holiday destinations by the sea or in the mountains, you are sure to find the right thing in one or more countries from our list below. Some of them are traditional holiday destinations for German holidaymakers, others have only recently been visited more often and still others are still more of an insider tip.

Bargain hunters, watch out! These 10 countries are where you get the most vacation bang for your buck:

# 1 Bulgaria

cheap holiday destinations sozopol bulgaria

# 2 Turkey

cheap holiday destinations marmaris turkey

# 3 Georgia

georgia cheap vacation destinations

# 4 Albania

cheap holiday destinations albania advice

# 5 Croatia

Dubrovnik Croatia cheap vacation destinations

# 6 Montenegro

cheap holiday destinations budva sveti stefan island montenegro

# 7 Romania

cheap holiday destinations romania peles castle

# 8 Slovenia

cheap holiday destinations slovenia lake bled

# 9 Hungary

cheap holiday destinations budapest hungary

# 10 Portugal

cheap holiday destinations porto portugal

In addition, countries like Poland, Malta, Greece and of course Spain are always recommended. The Canary Islands in particular are advertising this year with incredibly affordable vacation offers. An alternative for Turkey is currently Tunisia and Egypt.

The underrated city of Gdansk in Poland

cheap holiday destinations gdansk poland

And if you are more in the mood for the exotic, then Vietnam, Bali, Sri Lanka and Indonesia as well as South Africa are particularly cheap this year and offer a lot to see and experience, especially far away from any tourist strongholds.

Extra tips for planning your vacation:

  • Although the Scandinavian countries are among the most expensive holiday destinations, you can also go on a somewhat cheaper holiday there if you choose the right time of year for it. For example, September is highly recommended for a vacation in these countries. Then, of all times, you can watch the northern lights in the sky.
  • Choose flights that are not on the weekend, but take place from Tuesday to Thursday. Because then the prices are the cheapest.
  • If possible, always book flights and transfers separately and on the airlines’ websites. We also recommend that you use the platforms and You can also get very cheap flights through Google Flights.
  • If possible, travel in the off-season or benefit from the numerous early bird discounts.
  • When looking for accommodation, use or, for hostel fans, and
  • Super great holiday bargains can often be found on sites like, or
  • Get additional travel inspiration from Instagram, as you can find really authentic information and lots of tips there.

So where do you want to go this year? Find your very special holiday destination and recharge your batteries.

The Freshideen editorial team wishes you the best of luck and a dream vacation!

book cheap holiday destinations europe

Beautiful Bulgaria – the quaint town of Melnik in the southwest

cheap holiday destinations melnik bulgaria

And the mystical Rhodope Mountains in the south of the country

cheap holiday destinations rodopi mountains bulgaria

Much further south – Oludeniz National Park in Turkey

cheap holiday destinations oludeniz turkey

And the unmistakable Pamukkale

cheap holiday destinations pamukkale turkey

Majestic panoramas from Albania

cheap holiday destinations albania castle

cheap holiday destinations albania gjirokaster

tbilisi georgia cheap vacation destinations

And the unrestricted expanse of the Tusheti National Park in Georgia

tusheti national park georgia cheap vacation destinations