The combination of attending a festival and viewing striking architectural works can bring you many positive experiences at once! Especially if you are a fan of art and cultural history. The journalists seem to be of the same opinion archidaily magazine to share. You have compiled an overview of attractive festivals in places with distinctive sights around the world. Good reason to go there, isn’t it?

Nice view of an old church with colonial architecture in Ouro Preto, Brazil

tropical nature and fabulous colonial churches in ouro preto

The advantages and the right planning

We usually only experience the real character of cities and towns when we stay there for a longer period of time. But that is not possible when we want to visit many different places around the world. A practical solution in this regard would be to plan a trip during a festival.

Then you can visit the local sights as well as experience the local culture at its peak. Because traditional festivals offer exactly that.

But here’s an important tip: you should plan your trip to include some time off without the party. So you can get to know and enjoy the everyday, quiet atmosphere of the village better. During this time you can also familiarize yourself with the local sights. Then enjoy the festive atmosphere in peace. With this strategy, you won’t miss a thing at the end of the day!

Here are some ideas and inspiration for your travel plans!

Pictures from the China Ice Festival 2017

ice festival china 2017

Harbin, China

The world’s largest ice cream festival is held every year in Harbin, China. You can always see the specific dates in winter on this website. During the festival you will experience large sculptures and even entire buildings made only of ice.

During the festival, before or after, you can also experience some of the most famous sights in the world. In this case, these are the Harbin Opera House and China’s Wood Sculpture Museum. Both are projects from MAD Architects.

Rio Carnival Parade 2017

rio carnival procession with a large figure 2017

The carnival in Brazil

Carnival is a Catholic tradition that precedes Lent before Easter. It is common all over the world. But it can hardly be experienced anywhere in the world as magnificent and full of culture as in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The different samba schools present their own programs. Every artistic repertoire is subordinated to a certain, mostly important social or historical topic and is therefore a real cultural experience.

In Rio de Janeiro, the carnival is mostly concentrated in the designated area of ​​the city. Meanwhile, you can visit many of the attractions of this beautiful city. Still, it would be calmer if you did that shortly after this big event.

Other places in Brazil with great carnivals and at the same time many sights are Recife, Salvador, Ouro Preto, Sao Paolo.

Carnival scenes from Mardi Gras

mardi gras carnival scenes

The Mardi Gras festival

Mardi Gras, New Orleans, USA is another great festival that you can combine with sightseeing. Translated from French, the term means “fat Thursday”. The tradition is also associated with Lent. Fatty foods are offered for the last time before the start of the fasting period. Hence the name. There is a traditional street festival, accompanied by a lot of music, dancing and a good atmosphere

Shortly before this, we recommend visiting the well-known sights in the region. The main inspiration here is the architecture of the reconstruction of the city after Hurricane Katrina. Many of the buildings are too representative of the modern urban style. They cannot be overlooked either Makelt Right residence projects.

Holi festival of colors in India

Holi festival of colors in India

The festival of Holi in India

Also known as the Festival of Colors, this event represents the arrival of spring. Meanwhile, the participants throw paint and powder paints at each other on the street. The festival of Holi is a significant moment in the Hindi tradition. One celebrates the legend of Radha and Krishna and specifically the moment in which Krishna colored Radha and Gopis. If you are in India anyway, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Chandigarh, planned by Le Corbusier.

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China’s wooden sculpture Musuem

china wood sculpture museum

China’s ice festival

china festival ice

Harbins Ice Festival


Exterior view of Harbins Opera House

Harbin Opera House view

Many tourists visit the festival of colors in India

holi fest attracts many tourists

Scenes from the Carnival in the historic city of Ouro Preto in Brazil

carnival in ouro preto

Example of colonial architecture in Recife

colonial architecture recife

Street scenes from the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans

Street scenes from Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Le Cuisier’s Chandigarh project

palace chandigarh le cubisier

Carnival procession in Brazil -Rio

Rio carnival parade theme of egypt