More often you are confronted with the question of what you could give as a gift. Giving presents to friends and relatives who already have everything and are still doing everything right is often not easy. So why not give a trip for free? This way you can also relieve the rest of the family from worrying lines and give something unforgettable together.

A possible variant would be a culinary journey. In addition, exotic countries such as India or the kitchens of Persia with their countless spices and smells offer themselves as a journey for the senses. Equip the recipients with a country-specific cookbook and send them on a culinary “scavenger hunt”. Some cookbooks combine recipes from different parts of the country, so you can organize a tour in advance. The highlight: You can celebrate your return with a family get-together where the recipes can be recreated. The accompanying stories and photos from the trip will certainly not be long in coming.

India as a gift idea for exotic trips

indian food curry rice

 Giving couch potatoes an active trip is a bit daring, but certainly possible. Well prepared, everyone will dare to go on an adventure. Here, too, it makes sense to organize a “round trip”. In ski regions like Austria, you can book hiking tours, horse rides, Nordic walking tours or dog sledding experiences in addition to ski tours. The recipients are guaranteed to work up a sweat and maybe come home with new hobbies.

vacation in the alps

 Educational trip with a difference: give a New York City Wall Street Insider tour as a gift.

The tours are conducted by real stock market insiders and insights into the New York Stock Exchange or Goldman Sachs are provided, historical backgrounds are explained and modes of operation are explained. Certainly this is one of the most impressive journeys of all, because it opens up a part of the power centers of this world to the visitor. The recipients can be in a small Instructions for beginners from Do some research beforehand and then take your knowledge with you into this strange world.

new york educational trip

Last but not least: the spiritual journey. It is suitable for friends who are wavering in life and cannot find the right place. Tibet and a trip to the Buddhist monks are a good idea. Inner harmony and a return to calm and patience can best be conveyed there. Tibet in itself is a country with a deeply anchored spiritual karma anyway. The pronounced rough landscape, the simple accommodations and the hard but warm life of the Tibetans do the rest to bring people back to their roots.

 So give real experiences if you can. This is guaranteed to be remembered for many years.

tibet spiritual journey