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Lisbon tips: the best restaurants

Making tips for a trip to Lisbon, like everything connected with this city, is simply a lot of fun! There is so much here – culture, sports, sights, great old quarters and numerous restaurants. The whole thing makes such a beautiful picture! As in any other European capital, there are also many great historical monuments to visit in Lisbon!

Everything is just waiting to be rediscovered by tourists!

But today we are concentrating on one aspect, namely gastronomy. Because the culinary art is very well developed here and offers so much that you cannot try anywhere else in the world. Stick with it to learn which are our Lisbon restaurant tips!

Nocturnal romance conquers the city

Lisbon tips night capital romantic

Panorama restaurant

Lisbon tips restaurant panorama sheraton

The Panorama restaurant is located at the highest point in Lisbon.

From there you have a wonderful view of the Tagus River

Lisbon tips tejo river panorama

The guest room is modern, elegant and super quiet. The gourmet cuisine on offer here draws inspiration from the typical Portuguese traditions in gastronomy. But the whole thing has also been given an urban character.

Belcanto restaurant

Lisbon tips restaurant belcanto José Avillez

Let’s move on to our Lisbon tips with the nearest fabulous restaurant. It is Belcanto. It is located in the heart of Chiado. In the immediate vicinity is the house in which Fernando Pessoa was born. A restaurant was opened here for the first time in 1958. The next time was in 2012. The second time, José Avillez took everything in his hands – one of the best chefs in the country.

The ambience is upscale and the dishes are unique, of their own kind, with a lot of criticism and high criteria for their own work.

Feitoria restaurant

Lisbon tips restaurant feitoria interior

Feitoria combines a wine bar and restaurant in one. Here one offers the best of the Portuguese national cuisine and original recipes from all over the world. This gourmet restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2014.

Eleven restaurant

Lisbon tips restaurant eleven

Lisbon tips-givers for gastronomy shouldn’t forget this restaurant either. You have super beautiful views of Lisbon, the Tejo River and the fabulous natural landscape of Serra da Arrábida. In addition, you are surrounded by the Parque Eduardo VII nature park.

Inside you will experience a calm, relaxed and very modernist ambience. Luxury and a preference for the international flair can also be felt here. Here you can enjoy the cuisine of head chef Joachim Koerper – also a Michelin award winner.

Lapa restaurant

Lisbon tips restaurant lapa

Lapa is located in Olissippo Lapa Palace. Here you will find excellent service and a classic luxury ambience. The cuisine is inspired by the Mediterranean taste. It is prepared by the chef Helder Santos.

Restaurant jockey

Lisbon tips restaurant jockey

We have something really original here! It is about cuisine that is influenced by the hippie culture. Above all, the Portuguese version of this is represented here in a wide variety of ways. You can also enjoy cuisine influenced by Portuguese tradition.

Valle Flôr restaurant

Lisbon tips restaurant Valle Flôr

The next item in our Lisbon tips is Valle Flôr. It is a charming and sophisticated ambience. It is located in the Pestana Palace Hotel. The great classic architecture is also remarkable here. It is a pleasure in itself.

Restaurant Lisboa à noite

Lisbon tips restaurant Lisboa à noite

Our next tip is called Lisboa à noite. The charm of the modernist era was combined here with glamor and a super upscale character. The cuisine also shows the best of the Portuguese tradition.

Solar dos Presuntos restaurant

Lisbon tips restaurant Solar dos Presuntos

The Solar dos Presuntos restaurant was opened in 1974. Everything here has a comfortable, even domestic character. A lot of photo and graphic art can also be found here. Here, too, you will find fine cuisine based on Portuguese traditions.

Tavares restaurant

Lisbon tips restaurant tavares

Let’s conclude our Lisbon tips for restaurants with another very glamorous ambience! It shows baroque classic and no wonder, because it is a building that was erected in 1784. It is one of the most emblematic places in the Portuguese capital.

We wish you an enjoyable stay in Lisbon! Get to know the Portuguese cuisine in the various restaurants there! It is worth it in any case!

So you can start the day satisfied

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