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Norwegian fjords – an artist’s masterpiece – nature

Magical landscapes, unconstrained natural beauty, magic that makes us not believe our own eyes! Such descriptions can easily come to mind when speaking and writing about the magic of the Norwegian fjords. None of the statements are exaggerated.

Anyone who has ever come into contact with her beauty would confirm it. The cleanliness and delicacy of the crystals is something that cannot be compared to anything else. Norwegian fjords are an entrance to the world full of harmony and balance.

Norwegian fjords are amazingly beautiful

Norway fjords bridge cloudy


The presentation of the Norwegian fjords starts with Sognefjord. Many tourists consider this fjord to be the most beautiful. Here you can experience rocks up to 1000 m high. The Sognefjord is the greatest natural beauty in Norway and one of the largest fjords in the whole world.

The nights in the north are also magical

Norwegian fjords fairy tales

Some areas are only accessible by boat

norwegian fjords beautiful

The plays of light in the sky are unique

norway fjords blue yellow

Rock formations that can be viewed all day

norway fjords worth seeing

Paragliding is enjoyable 

norway fjords paragliding

The Hardangerfjord

Here you have many great routes that you can drive for a long time. The local flora is also gorgeous. The Hardangerfjord is the second largest in Norway. Its position is number three in the world. The length of the Hardangerfjord 179 km. It starts with the city of Bergen. Domestic and foreign tourists love it very much. The reason for this is that this is an easily accessible fjord.

Norwegian nature is a work of art

norway fjords lofoten

Fishing in the North Sea has its charm

Norway fjord fishing

Nature seems to be untouched by modern life

norway fjords autumn sunrise

The low sun creates unique moments for photographers

norway fjords dream vacation extraterrestrial

The Lysefjord

Compared to the first mentioned Norwegian fjords, this one here is quite modest in size. Here, however, the charm of the beautiful wild nature prevails. Lysefjord is perfect for people with an adventurous spirit. Its charisma makes it one of the most popular natural sights in Norway.

The northern lights are one of the events of the north 

norway fjords hamnoy nowegen

Magical nuances at any time of the day

norwegian fjords purple pink

The reflected nature doubles the experience

norway fjords green sky

Those who find sunsets cheesy should travel to Norway

norway fjords winter red sky

The view that opens up from the rocks is simply unique. One of the greatest attractions here is the Felsambo, which rises to a height of 604 meters above the earth.

The houses along the fjords are built in harmony with the surrounding nature

norway fjords lofoten spring

Vanilla Sky the Norwegian way

norway fjords snow cover

The fjords pony – one of the many special features of the country

norwegian fjords fjord pony

Many visitors come to Norway every year

norway fjords lycefjord

The lush green on the rocks only completes the perfection of the fjords

norwegian fjords spring

Despite the cold and darkness, the Nordic peoples are happy

norway fjords nature very beautiful

Peace in the truest sense of the word

norwegian fjords autumn expanse

While you are there, you should also climb the Kjeragbolten Mountains and admire the view from there.

The Geirangerfjord

Here we are dealing with one of the small but also beautiful fjords in Norway. Geirangerfjord is 15 meters long. It is located in northeast Norway. The two world-famous and beautiful waterfalls Brudesløret and De syvsøstrene tumble down from its cliffs.

Norway fjords mirroring

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norway fjords winter nightly

Norway fjords dream vacation water mirroring

norwegian fjords magically enchanting

The Nordfjord

The Nordfjord is known for the Briksdalsbreen glacier. Here you will experience the best that the Norwegian fjords have to offer from a touristic and geographical point of view. The Nordfjord is located near another one, namely the Geirangerfjord.

norway fjords water

norway fjords white green

Norway fjords fish fishing

norwegian fjords lofoten

norway fjords shore magical

norway fjords HIKING TOURISM

The Frierfjord

Directly translated, the name means “beautiful fjord”. Here you can experience beautiful little towns, great sunsets, boat trips … The best of Norway in general.

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norway fjords ship boat

norwegian fjords with grayish

Norwegian fjords breathtaking

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The Oslofjord

The last of the Norwegian fjords that we will introduce to you is the Oslofjord. He is known not only for his beauty, but for his history.


norwegian fjords breathtaking sunset


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Norwegian fjords fire red

norway fjords waterfall geiranger eurpa beauty

Norwegian fjords melange

norway fjords northern light

norway fjords waterfall geiranger fjord

norway fjords rainbow lofoten islands

norwegian fjords joy

norwegian fjords crystal clear

Norwegian fjords play of light

Norwegian fjords covered in snow

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norway fjords winter fjord

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