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Reykjavík: the fairytale capital of Iceland

Reykjavík is one of the small cities in Europe. But that is true if you measure their size in terms of the number of inhabitants. Because the area is really big. When approaching, one has the feeling that this cannot be grasped at a glance.

Colorful architecture in Reykjavík

Capital Iceland Reykjavík landmarks bird's eye view

Houses in bright, vibrant colors

Capital Iceland Reykjavík landmarks architecture

These peculiarities alone make Reykjavík exotic and different. Once you are in this city, your visit there is sure to be exciting and interesting.

Capital Iceland Reykjavík landmarks streets colored houses

Reykjavík city map

Capital Iceland Reykjavík landmarks city map

Beautiful little streets

The capital of Iceland very likely has some of the narrowest streets in Europe. Even public transport barely manages to get there. But that doesn’t spoil the good impression, but makes the city even more magical. Above all, the fabulous natural environment contributes to this. The capital of Iceland is as clean as hardly any other capital in the world.

On the streets of Reykjavík

Capital of Iceland Reykjavík landmarks streets

Public transport

Capital Iceland Reykjavík landmarks colored houses city traffic

A peaceful capital

The capital of Iceland is arguably the cleanest in the world. In addition, it can also be declared to be the most peaceful. The reason is that the country does not have an army. The police do not carry weapons either. All of this arouses a feeling of affection in every visitor, even before they know anything about the culture, nightlife and sights.

Street art

Capital of Iceland Reykjavík landmarks street art

The capital of art

After all that has been said here, nobody would be surprised if we declared the capital of Iceland to be something like an art laboratory. An artist is even the current Mayor of Reykjavik.

Jón Gnarr – Mayor of Reykjavik (2010-2014)

Capital Iceland Reykjavík mayor landmarks

Reykjavík sights

The sights in Reykjavík are, like the country itself, characterized by a unique, somewhat surreal character. Let’s start with Parliament. It is the building of a former prison. Many residents have fun with it. In the evening they say something like: The prisoners have been released.

The parliament is actually a former prison

Capital Iceland Reykjavík. Attractions town hall

Sun Voyage (Sólfar Sculpture) – another attraction in Reykjavík

Capital Iceland Reykjavík sightseeing

Hallgrímskirkja (Icelandic Hallgrímurs Church)

Hallgrímskirkja (Icelandic Hallgrímurs Church) is the city’s cathedral. This is a building inspired by the environment. It seems to have been inspired by nature in all its details – inside and outside.


Hallgrímskirkja church, capital of Iceland, Reykjavík landmarks

In the cathedral

Hallgrímskirkja church inside Reykjavík capital city of Iceland

Faxaflói Bay

Faxaflói Bay is another place not to be missed. From there you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, too, we experience a surreal architecture. For this, inspiration was drawn from the country’s natural sources.

The beauty of the capital of Iceland corresponds to the natural charm of the country. It seems to have grown out of the natural environment. Reykjavík is a fairy tale that everyone should experience.

Faxaflói Bay

Capital Iceland Reykjavík attractions Faxaflói bay

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