It has certainly happened to many and no one is assured that you are locked in front of your own entrance door. You quickly take away the rubbish or say goodbye to guests and suddenly the door slams. You look in vain for the keys in all your pockets, but they are in the house. A pretty uncomfortable situation in which you panic quickly! And it is precisely in such situations that some locksmiths benefit from a merciless cost trap! In this case, we advise you to stay calm and have a few tips on how you can avoid a locksmith rip-off.

Avoid a possible cost trap with simple locksmith tips

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Call the correct locksmith!

There are a few signs that can be used to identify a locksmith fraud in advance. Do you see a number in the phone book or on the Internet that starts with "0900" you should be sure that this service will provide you with a powerful checkout. Companies whose name starts with "AAA" start, paid to be at the top of the yellow pages. So better not to call them. Look for a normal phone number and address from serious vendors. If there is a locksmith on site, it is better to go to them.

How much can a doorway cost?

According to a survey it was an average price determined, which, however, can vary depending on the federal state. During the day on workdays the average price is between 60 and 80 euros and at night and on public holidays the price is between 90 and 120 euros. Despite the situation, compare prices and remember that a local key emergency service has a shorter travel time.

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Clarify the fixed price in advance

Explain the problem on the phone, as opening a locked door usually takes the locksmith about 30 minutes. A lock change is usually not necessary. And if so, in both cases you should agree on a fixed price in advance. Correct emergency services quote hourly rates and travel costs directly.

Ask for an invoice, don’t pay cash

When the locksmith is there and you are allowed back in, ask for a detailed invoice. Watch out for surcharges! So you can read everything carefully and only sign it if you agree with everything that has been written. Nobody can force you to pay cash!

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Prevent this situation in advance

So that you do not have to seek the help of an emergency key service in order to be able to enter your own four walls, consider the possibility of leaving a duplicate key with someone you trust (friends, neighbors). If there is a tradesman in your area whom you can trust, discuss the prices for an emergency door opening with him in advance, even outside of business hours. Take his business card or, even better, save his phone number directly in your mobile phone.

We wish you never get into such a situation. And if you do, be well informed, prepared and keep your head clear!

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