What actually distinguishes the summer design ideas from all the others? Are you thinking of light textiles, muted colors, natural fabrics and a multitude of colors? With it you will surely represent the sunny and warm days in the interior. While this type of design feels seasonally specific, it is also universal enough. As a result, you can use them completely or partially all year round. As part of the article, there are 9 summer design trends 2021 that will spread a warm summer mood in interior design.

Blue accent walls are super hot this summer

Interior decoration ideas accent surfaces - design

Blue like the sea

Shades of blue remind us of the clear sky, the sea and the rivers. We associate all of this with summer. One likes to liven up eclectic room designs like this one in the picture above with the blue color. In this case, this magical shade was used as a contrast to the industrial elements.

You make strong design statements with large potted plants

Flower pot bright room room decoration

Minimalist summer design trends 2021

Minimalism is of course not popular for the first time this year. The clear lines and seamlessly merging structures keep the design simple and create a feeling of lightness. This year, however, they are betting on a kind of progressive one Minimalism. In this case, functionality becomes very important. The modern summer design in this style currently mainly includes innovative strategies for the integration of more sunlight, natural green, colored accents. Actually, these elements are very important for a good mood in winter, right? So keep some of it longer.

As part of the 2021 design trends, people like to combine different natural materials

Design trends 2021 trendy interior design

Natural design trends 2021

In summer we appear more naturally than in any other season. We really want to become one with the sunny nature and experience it as intensely as possible. In design, you experience this aspiration in different ways every year. In the 2021 design trends, we come across bold combinations of different neutrals. With some very unusual patterns, white, ivory, light gray, beige are introduced at the same time. This tendency is particularly noticeable in the bedroom. The strategy for introducing colored accents mainly includes the use of blankets, smaller and larger tablecloths, cloth napkins, pillows and curtains.

Set accents with designer furniture in current colors!

Room decoration designer furniture

Set accents with individual designer furniture

This already proven trend is celebrating a big comeback with the design trends 2021. Chairs, stools and sofas in bright summer colors can be found in all types of living spaces. If you don’t want to buy new furniture, you could adapt your design to these tendencies with matching chair or sofa covers. Do you actually know which are the trend colors for summer 2021? Both the fashion designers and the experts in interior design rely on bright pink, cherry red, mint, light orange and cream white.

At the moment we often find a mix of exotic and familiar local decorative elements

Room decoration, exotic interior

Unique natural pieces

Would you like to make timeless statements within your summer design? Nature will be present in the current design trends 2021 through their found objects, which represent real works of art. The interior decoration with plants is traditional and at the same time super modern. Do you want to give the interior a particularly contemporary character thanks to this? Choose sculptural exotic plants that have original and stylish shapes. You can even freshen up a windowless room with unique green accents. This summer you combine this natural design with boho or rural style elements.

The light should spread as well as possible in the interior!

open living space interior design ideas

Light textiles in the design trends 2021

Light, transparent textiles immediately conjure up associations with warm summer nights. They are all the rage this summer. You can achieve a nice summer mood with blankets, curtains and pillows made of light textiles. It is best to stick to the current natural color palette, which has already been mentioned. For winter you can combine these summer fabrics with more robust ones. This way you can keep a certain summer flair in your home even on the coldest days.

The current design trends for 2021 are neutral, diverse and dramatic at the same time

Room decoration neutral interior design

Use of wood materials with a traditional and exotic flair

Rattan, bamboo, other exotic woods for wicker furniture and traditional solid pieces are used in parallel in trendy summer design concepts. The end result looks upscale, tropical and summery at the same time. This strategy is perfect for minimalist design concepts with a higher demand.

 Plants and black and white stripes – neutral yet very eye-catching accents

Raumdeko interior design ideas

Let as much sun as possible into the interior

Do everything possible so that the light spreads freely and widely in the interior design. The distribution of furniture should be subordinated to this purpose. All larger pieces of furniture should be closer to the interior walls. Nothing should stand in the way of the beautiful light distribution. In the living room, you could hang light curtains instead of thick ones. Otherwise the curtains would have to be drawn together during the day.

Keep some of the summer mood even in winter

With these 2021 design trends, the summer mood is equated with positivism, openness and joie de vivre. The natural materials and plants could transform even the darkest room into a cheerful oasis. We need this flair even more urgently in winter than in summer. Because in the cold season we go out less often and it is more difficult to feel comfortable at home. So keep some of the summer design elements for the winter too!

Also drink your coffee in the style of the 2021 design trends

Room decoration dining tables designer chairs

In line with current trends, people like to combine tropical and contemporary design elements

Plant the balcony design trends 2021

The trendy yellow color shines like a sun in this gray and white room

Design trends 2021 accents ideas

The boho style with natural elements and neutral colors is very current

Design trends 2021 wooden furniture ideas

Classic nautical style interiors continue to be trendy this summer

Design trends 2021 interior decoration trends

Classic neutral color palettes are enhanced by exciting patterns

Design trends 2021 neutral colors

Bring the lush nature and thus the summer inside

Nature design planting inside

In the current design trends in 2021, wood comes in a variety of forms

open living space interior design ideas

Soft contrasts enliven the interior design in 2021

sheer textiles and curtains interior decorating ideas