Since the pop diva Madonna made henna tattoos socially acceptable in the late 90s, this remarkable body jewelry has become more and more popular and trendy. Stars like Rihanna and Beyoncé even wear real henna-look tattoos and the hot trend is just as hot on Instagram. The enchanting, intertwined ornaments, which look like fine lace, originally come from Persia and were later spread in India and Pakistan. Traditionally, the bride’s hands are still painted with henna the night before the wedding, as a symbol of fertility, health and happiness. The beautiful tradition of henna painting, also known as mehndi, is widespread and revered in many other countries such as Sudan, Morocco and Egypt.

In this country, the henna tattoos have no traditional or religious meaning, but they are super trendy and an absolute must, especially during the holidays. That is why we are showing you today in our picture gallery 90 incredibly beautiful henna tattoo ideas to imitate or simply as fresh inspiration.

Chic henna tattoo ideas are all the rage

bangles henna tattoo ideas

Original tattoo ideas with henna

Traditionally, the color for these wonderful paintings is made from the leaves of the henna plant by pulverizing them. That is why it is naturally red-brown and completely harmless to human health. In this sense, henna tattoos are not real tattoos, but rather temporary body decorations that can be changed quickly and easily.

The whole thing is absolutely painless and uncomplicated because you don’t have to be stung. However, such a henna tattoo fades relatively quickly and disappears completely from the skin within 2-3 weeks.

Boho style henna tattoos look amazing

boho tribal tattoo ideas finger hand

But this is exactly where many find the attraction and quickly become passionate henna wearers. In addition to experienced henna artists, there is luckily a huge selection of henna colors and pastes in piping bags or cones as well as stencils and stickers that even help beginners to get a henna tattoo.

There is also no lack of motifs and ornaments. Floral and organic shapes, paisley patterns as well as graphic elements, Celtic symbols and other Boho Chic details are available in abundance. Of course, there are no limits to your own creativity and artistic talent.

Artistically gifted people and henna fans can even master many motifs themselves

elegant henna tattoo ideas women

The latest trend: tattoo ideas with white henna

After the hype of so-called flash tattoos in gold and silver, a new, hot trend has been on the way for some time – white henna tattoos. Yeah right! In principle, henna color is not white and therefore these temporary tattoos in white should rather be called tattoos with a henna look. These are applied with high-quality body painting, theater and make-up colors that have been dermatologically tested. However, the white tattoos only last for a few days and start at 25 euros. This makes them a bit more expensive on average than conventional henna tattoos, but they are always worthwhile. White tattoos look incredibly beautiful, especially on beautifully tanned skin and immediately become absolute eye-catchers.

Mystical henna tattoo ideas in white

tattoo ideas henna white hands

What should be considered with henna tattoos anyway?

Although henna tattoos are not rocket science and can even be done by yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind. These not only include the application of the color, but also the care of the tattoos and their health aspects.

  • Avoid black henna – because especially in holiday countries outside the EU, such a black henna color could contain higher amounts of PPD (p-phenylenediamine). It is a hair dye that is considered harmful in higher concentrations. In the EU, PPD in henna colors is only allowed up to six percent.
  • Prefer brown henna – this, on the other hand, is purely vegetable and completely harmless, even for children and pregnant women. And although the exposure time for mehndis with natural henna is much longer (six to eight hours as opposed to about 1 hour with black henna), health experts advise you to opt for it earlier.
  • No contact with water  – The henna tattoo should be kept dry for the first 24 hours. So the color becomes really clear and therefore also much darker.
  • Do not rub off – Let the henna paste dissolve by itself, so the color will also be more even.
  • Seal tattoo – smear the henna tattoo with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar and wrap it with gauze bandages. So, you could even leave your tattoo on overnight.
  • Maintaining Henna Tattoo – It works best with petroleum jelly and coconut oil.

Henna tattoos in all their variants are an excellent body decoration and can be done easily and inexpensively. No stitches, no pain, and no final decision. Nevertheless, if you are not entirely sure about something, seek advice from an experienced henna artist beforehand.

Have fun choosing designs and find these tattoo ideas that suit you best!

flower motifs henna tattoo ideas

Boho chic elements are real hits with henna tattoos

boho henna tattoo ideas finger hand

boho style gold henna tattoo ideas hand

bohemian style henna tattoo ideas

boho style tattoo ideas henna

cool boho tattoo ideas with henna

graphic tattoo ideas with henna

hand tattoo ideas with henna

festive tattoo ideas henna

mandala henna tattoo ideas

sun motif henna tattoo ideas

Flowers, sun and crescent moon look stunning in henna

flower upper hand side tattoo ideas with henna

wrist tattoo ideas henna

henna tattoo ideas hand

henna tattoo ideas crescent moon

crescent moon henna tattoo ideas hand

crescent moon lotus tattoo ideas henna

rose henna tattoo ideas hand

And how about henna tattoo ideas in gold and glitter?

black gold flower henna tattoo ideas

blue feather glitter henna tattoo ideas

golden tattoo ideas with henna

henna tattoo ideas feather

And be sure to try the hot summer tattoo trend in white!

 tattoo ideas hands white henna

white henna beautiful flower tattoo ideas

white henna tattoo idea hand

Discover even more beautiful tattoo designs or create your own!

colorful henna tattoo ideas hands

simple henna tattoo ideas hand

filigree henna tattoo ideas hand

hand finger tattoo ideas with henna

palm tattoo ideas with henna

flower palm tattoo ideas

fine tattoo ideas henna hand  finger henna tattoo ideas

hand top tattoo ideas with henna

tattoo ideas with henna back of the hand

palm ladies tattoo ideas with henna   wrist forearm tattoo ideas henna

henna hand tattoo ideas

henna tattoo ideas tree on the lower leg

henna tattoo ideas finger

henna tattoo ideas hand motifs

henna tattoo ideas hand top hearts

henna tattoo ideas hand pointed nails

henna tattoo ideas classic

classic henna tattoo ideas hand

mehndi design tattoo ideas henna

Mehndi hand wing boho style tattoo ideas

oriental motifs henna tattoo ideas hand

red henna hands tattoo ideas

red nails henna tattoo ideas arm fingers

simple henna tattoo ideas hand

beautiful tattoo ideas henna hand

star motif henna tattoo ideas

tattoo ideas henna classic motifs

tattoo ideas henna mehndi design

tattoo ideas henna upper hand side

tattoo ideas henna shoulder

tattoo ideas with henna flower forearm

traditional henna hand tattoo ideas

traditional indian tattoo ideas henna

beautiful henna tattoo ideas flower

yin yang motif henna tattoo ideas

traditional tattoo ideas henna palm