Promotional products are an extremely important part of any company’s successful marketing strategy. Experienced managing directors and marketing managers know exactly. It is not for nothing that around 85% of all large companies in Germany invest in suitable advertising material every year, and the trend is rising. There are very good reasons for this, and all of them are linked to the unique power of promotional gifts.

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The power of promotional items

Promotional gifts and articles not only have a very good reach, but also have a much greater recall value compared to other advertising strategies that rely on constant repetition. In addition, the principle of reciprocity plays a no less important role here. This is how recipients feel somehow obliged, although perhaps only subtly and unconsciously, and want to thank the giver. In the case of promotional gifts, a thank you often takes the form of recommendations and closer ties to the company. And that applies not only to new and long-standing customers and business partners, but also to the employees of a company and in general in personnel marketing. It is no coincidence that the right giveaways at company contact fairs are some of the most important advertising media that contribute to successful employee recruitment.

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Sustainable promotional items are all the rage

With the constant change in social, cultural and industrial life, a lot has also changed on the advertising material market in this country. So have some new promotional product trends clearly established, which are increasingly valued by customers and employees. One of them is sustainability. Many consumers say a decisive one "no" to the throw-away mentality. You choose products that can be used over the long term and are made from renewable raw materials. In most cases, these are the so-called plastic alternatives, which are biodegradable and in this way protect the environment. The best raw materials in this regard are currently bamboo, hemp, sugar cane, mycelium from mushrooms, algae as well as corn and potato starch. The last ones are still not compostable enough.

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Many stylish and useful business gifts can be made from these sustainable materials, such as cups and mugs, pens, lunch boxes, notepads, shopping bags, toothbrushes, etc..

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Technical freebies are becoming more and more popular

The focus is also clearly on technical promotional items that have a wide range of practical uses. Especially USB sticks and hubs as well as power banks are highly valued by gift recipients and are used more often. The popular accessories for cell phones and PCs are also at the top of the list of the most popular promotional gifts. These are PC bags, mobile phone holders, pop sockets, business card cases for smartphones and Bluetooth speakers, to name just a few.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to neglect the classics among promotional items. But on the contrary. Because the good mix makes it!

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Sustainable and innovative promotional items should not be missing in well thought-out and successful marketing strategies. When choosing the right business gifts for your company, think about which are also optimally suitable in terms of function. If possible, add a meaningful slogan to your company logo and stand out from the competition with originality.

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