The awareness of being careful and careful about the environment is becoming more and more important. This is becoming more and more evident nowadays, especially in people’s purchasing behavior. While just a few years ago people were buying food indiscriminately without looking for information and inquiries about the origin or husbandry of the animals, for example, more and more consumers are attaching great importance to these and other criteria. The environmentally conscious behavior finally runs through like a red thread. Starting with the food to the consumption of electricity and water. Organic products in many branches and shapes play a very important role here.

Fair trade is on the rise

Not only to be fair to the environment, but also to ensure that the working conditions of the people who are involved in the production and manufacture of various products that are ultimately offered for sale in our grocery stores are also fair, is becoming more and more important in the foreground. Fair trade products, for example, the awarded the Fair Trade seal are part of it. They are manufactured under special conditions so that workers can do their work under almost European standards. Fair trade stands for fair trade and more justice. From cocoa beans to coffee harvests and cut flower cultivation.

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Because one thing is clearly the case here: the supply chains of these award-winning products are 100 percent transparent. This means that GEPA is in direct contact with all fair trade dealers and producers of the respective raw materials, controls and monitors them. The producers and producers can partly be read on the respective packaging and this creates absolute transparency, from cultivation to sale. Fair trade is in the foreground here and begins with the cultivation of the most diverse products and ends with the people who are responsible for production and without whom such products would not even exist.

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Green electricity as an alternative

More and more people are deciding to choose providers who offer green electricity for their power supply. Here, however, you should differentiate precisely and choose a provider who actually focuses on ecological principles when generating electricity. Real green electricity from ENTEGA offers added value for the environment and is also quite cheap in the price comparison with conventional providers. Green electricity is therefore a well-rounded affair if you focus more on environmental awareness, as this electricity can only be produced by wind, water or sun.

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Everything organic or what?

Basically, it is also organic when it says organic. However, there are also small gaps here that allow the organic seal to be on it, but the product itself is not always produced under the strictest conditions that are subject to most organic products. Organic farmers who keep their dairy cows in airy stalls and open stalls do not have to be organic farmers. "Bio" begins with the cultivation of every grain that is ultimately used to make cattle feed. There are already the first approaches and demands that are worthy of an organic seal. The fodder for the cattle must be grown using organic methods. And only if the respective cattle only receive this feed for nutrition, for example, the respective meat or products such as milk and cheese may be declared as organic. Quality checks, which have to be carried out regularly during production and also in the later period, are mandatory and routine for these products.

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