The same thing every winter: In view of the cold, wet and gray weather, it is becoming increasingly difficult to overcome your weaker self and lace up your running shoes. Nevertheless, one should get up. Because regular exercise not only strengthens the muscles, but also increases the chances of getting through the cold season in good health.

Live healthier – be active in sports at home

At the latest when the temperatures drop to zero, the last bit of motivation has evaporated for many outdoor athletes. But that’s no excuse not to move at all – after all, you can also train in your own four walls. Fascia training and Pilates are two training methods that are particularly suitable for at home. Because they are effective, fun and do not require any equipment – you don’t need more than functional clothing, a soft carpet and a few exercise videos.

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Fascia training

During fascia training, the largest organ in our body is trained – the connective tissue, which consists of the so-called fascia, fibrous connective tissue formations. Since the focus is usually on building muscle during training, the fasciae are usually forgotten. They are extremely important because they stabilize organs and muscles and increase the flexibility of the body. If they are neglected, you run the risk of the fasciae sticking together, which can result in tension and even chronic pain, among other things. Fascia training challenges the entire body; it is particularly effective for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Regular pelvic floor exercises can even prevent a sensitive bladder. Who already has a very sensitive bladder, can discreetly prevent the loss of droplets with special panty liners – because tensing the pelvic floor during exercises irritates the bladder.

This video explains how fascia training works – exercise videos are also available online:

Live healthier – Pilates

Pilates is very popular with sports enthusiasts. This is not surprising either, because for this extremely effective, holistic body training you need nothing more than a yoga mat and your own body weight. Pilates uses all deep-lying muscle groups, especially the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles, which significantly improves posture. Pilates consists of strength exercises, gentle stretching and conscious breathing. There are also numerous online tutorials for Pilates. The American Cassey Ho, for example, loads on her Blogilates YouTube channel regularly upload new videos. If you register for the free newsletter on the blog of the same name, you will also receive an email every month with the password for a new training calendar with Pilates exercises for each day.

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Fresh air despite winter weather

Nevertheless, even in the cold winter months, you should remember to get enough fresh air, because outdoor exercise strengthens the immune system. who else want to jog in freezing temperatures, should wear warm clothes and shoes and adapt his running style to the weather. If you can’t pull yourself up to do this, you don’t have to worry: Regular training units in the warm apartment combined with a long walk every day are completely sufficient.

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