Are you looking forward to autumn? In fact, you should do that, because first of all it arrives anyway and it also brings a lot of beautiful moments with it. The hot summer is not the best time to explore nature and go for a walk. But that’s already autumn and while running in the middle of the beautiful park or in the small forest you can also collect great gifts from nature. They can, in turn, be used wonderfully in decoration at home. As every year, we have dedicated several articles to the topic of b and shown how you can tinker with such simple decorations. In this text we want to help you with simple tips for making an autumn wreath for your door or another place in the decoration.

Here you can find combinations of colors and materials!

bees and other animals autumn wreath ideas

What materials can be used to make an autumn wreath??

The first thing we would like to draw your attention to is the variety of possible materials from which you can make an autumn wreath. You could use leaves as well as various gifts of nature, some kinds of vegetables and fruits.

  All of these could be real or made from man-made materials such as plastic. However, plastic is not the most environmentally friendly solution and you certainly want to protect nature with your project and not pollute it, right? You should therefore only opt for plastic when making autumn wreaths if you have them ready at home anyway and want to use them in a sensible way. Otherwise, we recommend that you choose to make a wreath out of fabric or paper.

Autumn wreath only in brown with gifts of nature

brown gifts of nature autumn wreath ideas

Autumn wreaths in autumn colors

The most popular approach to making autumn wreaths is based on combining the typical colors for this season. These are orange, yellow, red, brown and you can combine these with some gray or green. When using the last two colors, it depends above all on whether they look more early autumn or in harmony with the later phase of this season. If you decide to make an autumn wreath in these typical shades, then you can allow yourself a lot of freedom with the materials. Because thanks to the distinctive nuances, they will definitely have a thematic effect.

Beautiful autumn leaves in fiery nuances

Leaves in autumnal nuances in front of a white door

Monochrome autumn wreaths on a certain theme

Do you have a minimalist design at home and don’t want to spoil it with bright colors? The autumn wreaths don’t necessarily have to be colorful. They could well be done in monochrome colors. However, in order to recognize the relation to autumn, one would have to decide on a certain topic. We love the very brown autumn wreaths made from pine cones, which can also be found on the Internet this year! Another example of a beautiful monochrome autumn wreath are ideas with autumn leaves, created from fabric or paper!

The pine cones make a lovely theme for an autumn wreath

acorn charming autumn wreath ideas

Autumn wreath idea on the occasion of a festival

In autumn you have Halloween and many other occasions that can be used as an occasion to celebrate. One such example would be the transition to the winter season. Perhaps you have an anniversary, birthday or other occasion for a nice autumn celebration in your family calendar. You could of course dedicate the autumn wreaths to these special festivals and mark this with a thematic inscription. Or maybe you just want to make small gifts for autumn and distribute them to different people? Then you could name the autumn wreaths.

An autumn wreath that makes a wonderful contrasting decoration for the door

blue door autumn wreath idea from leaves

Crafting with children

You could also make an autumn wreath with your children. Among the models shown, there are some particularly suitable for it. For example, you could make an autumn wreath out of leaves with your little ones and who knows – maybe you would then hang it up in the nursery. The advantage of using natural materials is that tinkering with them is relatively easy. However, it would fall apart quicker afterwards and you would have to sweep them out of the house all the time. Autumn wreaths made of fabric or paper are more elaborate if you want to make them with the little ones, but you would be able to keep them at home longer.

Decide whether you prefer the bright or the neutral colors of autumn

fiery flowers on the wreath great idea

With such an autumn wreath you can achieve a particularly happy mood at home

fiery shades and wood - great door

An autumn wreath can also be done in green

fresh color autumn wreath ideas

You could position a beautiful wreath both indoors and outdoors

great leaves on a tree autumn wreath ideas

An American rural style autumn wreath

Herbstkanz ideas with fabrics and other gifts of nature

Such an autumn wreath would be ideal for a romantic autumn occasion, among other things

Herbstkrant many fresh colors ideas

These green branches with charming brown accents will put you in a good mood on the first cooler days

autumn wreath ideas beginning of autumn

You can also make a fabric wreath like this with your children 

autumn wreath ideas in typical shades

Fabulous autumn wreath idea with white flowers and hemp fabric

autumn wreath ideas with green fabric and white flowers

Incorporating a few sprigs of lavender could add great aroma to the home too

autumn wreath ideas with lavender

autumn wreath sunflower a hat

autumnal gifts of nature autumn wreath ideas

Two particularly romantic ideas

heart autumn wreath ideas purple brown and others

wood autumn wreath ideas with flowers

Noble-looking door wreaths made from natural materials

evergreen color autumn wreath ideas

contrasting autumn wreath ideas from different materials

wreath on a great door

purple in combination with wood autumn wreath ideas

You can also use the variety of autumnal textures 

Multiple neutral colors fall wreath ideas

nostalgic rural style autumn wreath ideas

orange green and black and white with dots

orange and yellow - great autumn wreath ideas

Orange remains the most popular fall color

orange and green autumn wreath ideas

orange gifts of nature made of plastic

magnificent flowers great autumn wreath ideas

Lifting wreaths can very often appear noble and upscale

round autumn wreath wood autumn wreath ideas

shading typical for autumn on the door

so many gave haberstkranz ideas to nature

Great autumn wreath ideas with linen

fabric ideas pumpkins great

fabric linen gray and brown autumn wreath ideas

textile autumn wreath ideas in fiery nuances

Several original and beautiful variants with leaves, ornamental grasses and small twigs

lots of fresh ideas autumn wreath ideas

wonderful gifts of nature autumn wreath ideas

wonderful autumn leaves autumn wreath ideas

branches with orange and yellow autumn wreath ideas