A change of residence is almost always associated with a lot of anticipation as well as a lot of stress and expenditure of time. Especially if the new place of residence is far away, if it is a 3-4 room apartment or even a whole house. You definitely need a well thought-out plan that includes all the important steps and their exact order. This is how you can do it relocation optimally and as smoothly as possible. In the lines below you will find some of the best moving tips and tricks that will help you take the whole process more relaxed.

planning a move tips

Mucking out and throwing away

Start planning and preparing your move as early as possible. You can start sorting out your belongings two to three months in advance. Go through all the rooms and think carefully about which items will still find their place in the new home and which ones you would like to part with. This gives you enough time to monetize, donate or give away many of them on various sales platforms. Clothes, books, toys, small furniture and decorative accessories should go through your hands piece by piece and be sorted out. The more unnecessary stuff you get rid of before you actually move, the less you need to carry around afterwards. This not only saves you time and energy, but also space in the transporter.

Wrap up correctly and cleverly

Pack according to importance. This is one of the most important principles in any move. So you can start packing your items in advance. A week before the day of the move can be sufficient in most cases. Start with the things you will soon not need first – books, decorations, clothes and shoes from last season, dishes and household appliances that you rarely use.

Organize your move properly pack tips

You will definitely need the right containers for all of these belongings. So-called moving boxes are best suited. So, it is advisable not to use conventional cardboard boxes and packaging, as these do not have a secure hold and will most likely only cause you trouble when moving. Moving boxes are double-walled and can withstand a weight of up to 40 kg without any problems. You can either buy them new or borrow them. There are even some made specifically for books or dishes.

In principle, the following applies when packing:

  • Heavy items go into the boxes first, light items follow.
  • Stack books back to back up to halfway through the box.
  • Do not put more than 20 kg in weight per moving box.
  • Wrap fragile items with tissue paper, towels or bubble wrap and use it to pad out cavities in the moving box.
  • Use special clothes boxes for delicate items of clothing.
  • Label each moving box with space and contents, both on the lid and on the side.
  • Have enough parcel tape and a tape roller available.

moving checklist

Extra tips: Don’t just transport your suitcase empty, fill it with heavy objects. So you can pull them comfortably on smooth floors and not have to lift them.

Only a professional packing service can do it better and more professionally. Or you generally hire a professional Moving company with the complete organization of your move to save even more time and nerves. Be sure to get a detailed price offer beforehand. A free home tour is often offered by good moving companies as well.

Plan your move professionally with a moving company

But if you would like to move on your own, then you should definitely pay attention to the following aspects.

Measure correctly

To make sure that all the furniture you want to take with you into your new home actually fits in, you should measure it carefully. In particular, the stairwell, door and window frames and, if necessary, the elevator. Otherwise you run the risk of everything stalling on the day of the move and that many of your favorite items simply cannot move into the house. It is just as important to draw the floor plan of the new apartment for yourself or to use a ready-made sketch and think carefully about where and how the old and new furniture can be placed. This makes planning your move a lot easier and gives you enough time to think about storing some pieces of furniture that simply cannot fit into the new four walls.

Lawful waste disposal

Despite storage, bulky waste plan, selling and giving away, there are still things when moving that do not fit into the garbage can. However, you must never just leave them lying around. In this case, it is a matter of so-called illegal waste disposal. Instead, what you should do is buy special extra garbage bags from your local authority or waste management office. Such a sack costs around 7 euros and contains around 70 liters. This way, you are trading lawfully and you can rest assured that you will not have to pay any additional fees.

Organize transport

There are also a few things to consider when it comes to moving house transport. Above all, you need the right transport vehicle, because with a small car or even a van it would be too cumbersome and laborious to transport everything to your new home. In this way you would have to make several trips, which unnecessarily costs more time and money. A suitable moving vehicle can also be rented relatively cheaply online. It is important that you can drive a vehicle up to 3.5 tons with your new EU ticket. Besides, not everyone dares to do it. Therefore, make sure in advance that everything is correct for you.

organize transport plan move

The no parking is also an important point, especially in cities, where parking spaces are in high demand anyway. When loading and unloading the transporter, you will therefore absolutely need a no-stopping sign, which you can put up in the desired place. You should get a permit from the city administration in good time for this. This takes about ten days and the sign itself is usually set up three days in advance.

Find moving helpers

Last but not least, you should also ensure that there are enough moving helpers. If your household is quite small, you may be able to do everything yourself with just your partner and two or three friends or relatives. In the case of more complex moves, it is always worth finding professional help such as a moving company or looking for cheap moving helpers on an hourly basis. Students are also a good alternative if you have a smaller moving budget.

So when you move, think about everything in advance and plan cleverly and in good time. This is the only way to save time, energy and, above all, nerves.

Have fun moving and best wishes for moving in!

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