The utility bill is due. This is not a popular time for many tenants across Germany. Because often you have to pay something up again. So that you feel much more relaxed next time and maybe even get money back from the landlord, we are giving you a few tips today. This allows you to reduce your ancillary costs quite a bit and save your budget.

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What are ancillary costs?

What counts as ancillary costs for the tenant is often called consumption costs. In principle, this is understood to mean this amount of money, which is added to the so-called cold rent every month as a flat rate and transferred to the landlord. The whole thing is then called warm rent. Explained in a little more detail, in this case it is not just about electricity, water and heating. Because the annual utility bill also includes other costs to be paid by the tenant. All of them together are called apportionable ancillary costs. What exactly these are is in the Operating Costs Ordinance (BetrKV) determined by law. In the lease, these should be listed as "operating cost" be regulated in writing. If there are other additional costs to be paid by the tenant, they will be considered as "other operating costs" very precisely formulated and agreed by the tenant and landlord by mutual agreement.

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These operating costs / ancillary costs are legally included in the ancillary cost settlement:

  • heating costs
  • Water supply
  • Property tax
  • other public burdens
  • Hot water systems
  • drainage
  • Elevators
  • Garden maintenance
  • Street cleaning
  • Garbage disposal
  • Illumination of the common areas
  • chimney sweeper
  • Building cleaning
  • building superintendent
  • Property and liability insurance

Check utility bill and save money

As already mentioned, as a tenant you pay the additional costs monthly as an advance payment. The actual costs are then shown in the annual service charge settlement. But how actually are they really? Did you know that more than 80% of all utility bills for living space in Germany turn out to be inadequate? To be on the safe side and only pay for what you really should, you can buy yours Have ancillary rental costs checked professionally. Of course, this can also be done conveniently and easily online.

Check utility bills online. Reduce utility bills

Reduce additional costs – simple tips with a big impact

Admittedly, many of the ancillary costs to be paid by the tenant cannot really be influenced directly. But energy and water consumption do. You can reduce it sustainably with a few simple measures that affect your behavior and habits. In this way you not only protect your wallet, but also the environment at the same time.

Save heating costs

Heating costs are a good place to start because they make up a large part of the monthly ancillary costs of every consumer. The following aspects must be taken into account here:

  • Prefer sudden ventilation instead of tilted windows,
  • Bleed the heater regularly,
  • Check windows and doors for optimal sealing and inform the landlord of any defects,
  • Maintain constant temperatures and do not allow unused rooms to cool down,
  • Even 1-2 degrees lower room temperatures during the day can reduce your ancillary costs.

reduce additional costs regulate heat

Save electricity

If you still haven’t swapped out all of the power-guzzling lightbulbs for LED lights, it’s high time you did so. In addition, it is very beneficial if you do not unnecessarily keep your electronic devices on standby mode. Plugged in charging cables are also mean energy wasters. When cooking, instead of using the stove directly, it is worth using the kettle to help. A somewhat more radical, but rather effective step towards saving electricity would be to change your electricity provider. You are also allowed to do this as a tenant, provided you have signed your own contract with the old electricity provider.

Save cold and warm water

The most precious liquid on our planet can also be saved sustainably with a few simple tips. Most of the water in every household is used for personal hygiene and toilet flushing. If you prefer showering before bathing and get yourself an economy shower head, you will regularly save yourself many cubic meters of water as well as the energy that is necessary for heating. You should also use the energy-saving button on your toilet more often, turn off the tap when you brush your teeth and wash your hands and, if possible, create an energy-efficient washing machine and dishwasher.

save water showers reduce additional costs

Act consciously and reduce your energy consumption as much as possible. In this way, you can actively contribute to the fight against climate change and are sure to be in a better mood when you receive your next utility bill. The choice is yours and you can reduce your ancillary costs with simple measures.

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