According to the UK government, one million birds and over 100,000 marine mammals die each year from eating and being entangled in plastic waste. A 2016 report found that up to 12 million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans each year, which is equivalent to the weight of around 60,000 adult blue whales. These statistics paint a clear picture that plastic pollution cannot go on. And while the ultimate responsibility for solving the global environmental crisis rests with the world’s largest corporations and governments, we can all make our small contribution. As individuals, we can significantly reduce our plastic waste by caring more about the household products we buy. Below we have put together some important expert tips on how you can actually shop plastic-free. Just read on …

Reducing plastic waste in the world’s ocean – it’s up to us!

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How can you shop plastic-free?

Plastic free shopping bags cotton groceries

Shopping plastic-free – basic tips

Here are some top tips on how to avoid plastic when shopping for household items.

Try to buy mostly loose fruits and vegetables and just put them straight into your shopping cart or bring reusable mesh bags.

Bring reusable boxes, such as Tupperware bowls, to the cheese, meat and fish counters and ask the sellers not to use single-use plastic with your order. You may not always succeed, but it is worth trying.

Bring reusable bags and boxes with you when you go shopping

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Choose noodles and pasta that are packed in cardboard boxes if possible. Even these still have a small plastic window on them. But this can be torn down and disposed of in the landfill so that the cardboard can be recycled. However, this is much less plastic compared to a bag.

Mason jars with lids are also great for reusing all kinds of food. You can also take these with you when you go shopping, first weigh them and then fill them with the respective products in bulk and then put them back on the scales.

In some shops around the world you can buy unpacked

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For the delicacies, choose chocolate brands that are wrapped in paper or cardboard. And prefer maple syrup, honey, sauces etc. that are packaged in glass bottles.

Try to eat less packaged foods – chips, crackers, bars, etc. Homemade versions of these are much healthier, cheaper, and don’t need plastic wrapping. However, it is quite difficult for most people to completely eliminate such fast foods from their shopping list.

Food in bulk

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Shopping plastic-free – every step in this direction is good for us and our earth

In fact, you can reduce your own plastic waste. It just takes a little planning to switch to greener habits.

Also, be open to shopping in places other than supermarkets. Some grocery stores sell staples like legumes, flour, rice, and spices that are hard to find in the supermarket without plastic. Stores like “Unpacked” encourage customers to bring their own containers to fill. With a little preparation, it can actually be easy. Check out how this actually works in the video below.

Plastic-free shopping made easy

First of all, here are three things to take with you on your next shopping trip: reusable bags for packaging food, smaller reusable bags for fruit and vegetables, and containers or jars for bulk and unpackaged food.

Mesh bag for vegetables

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Shoppers have gotten into the habit of taking reusable bags for end-of-sale packaging at the counter, but they often forget about the smaller plastic bags used in hand-wrapping products. Switching to mesh or cotton drawstring bags is pretty easy. The trick to shopping without plastic is to develop better habits. It might feel strange to take a cotton bag with you or ask a butcher to put chicken legs in Tupperware, but it’s actually normal, right?

No plastic, please!

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Congratulate yourself every time you go without an unnecessary plastic bag. Every positive change you make adds up over time. And the best part is that you can pocket multiple people on your mission. It is up to us to make our world better and cleaner!

Reusable boxes and bags can successfully replace plastic

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Nowadays it is modern to shop plastic-free

Plastic free shopping reusable cotton mesh bags Plastic free shopping reusable bags Plastic free shopping reusable cotton mesh bags