Can you understand the hype that is being made around social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co? Or do you belong to the generation that prefers to ignore all this “stuff” and hopes that interest in the display will eventually level off again?

Social media has developed into a phenomenon that even inventors like Mark Zuckerberg probably didn’t think was possible. And the interest in Facebook, which was actually designed as a social network for American universities, is not ebbing despite great competition like Instagram. But on the contrary. Users all over the world don’t just focus on one social network, they use multiple networks at the same time. They combine their activities and try to appeal to an even wider audience.


It is not just young people who present their private life in such networks. More and more companies are also using the networks to optimize customer acquisition and to make their own company fit for the future. Because one thing is clear: no company can survive in the future without the Internet and without social media. Regardless of whether it is the baker next door, a dealer or a company that operates exclusively via the Internet. Anyone who is not represented on social media is not up to date and loses important customers and thus also purchasing power.

What can a well-positioned social media do for a company??

Small companies in particular still find it difficult to take advantage of the opportunities offered by social media. They do not recognize the potential behind it and are concerned that too much time has to be spent on creating and maintaining the relevant channels. But that is not the case. But on the contrary.

It is certain that the creation of a profile or a channel takes a little time. After all, a concept should be developed in advance that has a certain recognition value for the company and also pursues a very specific goal. But once the basics are in place, it’s very easy to build on and take advantage of social media for the business.

social-media-how-you-as-a-company-benefit-from it

Because precisely the target group that is to be addressed can be reached via social media. Advertising can be carried around the world free of charge, and customer contact is also possible free of charge without telephone support or other costly matters. And innovations that affect the company and that should be done to the customer can be shared with all interested followers within a few minutes.

On top of that, social media offer the opportunity to get in touch with other companies. In addition, it is easy to see what the competition is doing. So you can always be one step ahead of them. All in all, not only private individuals benefit from the possibilities of social media, but also companies. And this should always be kept in mind when considering whether or not you want to be active on social media.

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