A new hairstyle or hair color is one of the best beauty weapons for every woman. Because this immediately results in a noticeable external change that is also good for self-confidence and mood. In good time for the beginning of the year, we would like to reveal the 7 most beautiful hair color trends for 2021 and inspire you with them. Depending on your wishes or your own preferences, you can perhaps try out one or the other trend yourself and give your hair a new look.

Naturalness is clearly one of the hair color trends in 2021

natural color long hair hair colors trends 2021

Hair color trends 2021: natural beauty or the courage to use color!

Living naturally has been a popular trend for some time, and not just when it comes to living and decorating. When it comes to hair colors, too, the trend this year is towards naturalness and serenity. Natural hair colors are gently refreshed with highlights and enriched with harmonious transitions.

Balayage and painting remain absolutely popular and preferred by most of the women. At the same time, however, some contrasting hair color trends are also noticeable. These range from ultra-cold shades of blonde to powdery pink and fiery red to deep jet black. It will be colorful and varied this year and you are sure to find the right shade and the best dyeing technique for your own mane.

Extra tip: For most hair color trends in 2021, trust only good professionals. Because this is the only way you can play it safe and ensure a successful change in beauty. This is especially the case with balayage and painting.

# 1 nude beige

warm blonde hair color trends 2021

Nude tones definitely set the tone for hair colors too. Not only are they subtle and neutral, they also radiate a certain lightness and go well with almost every skin tone. Natural blondes in particular can achieve the trendy hair color easily and with just a few procedures and enjoy them longer without much maintenance. Because even with infrequent visits to the hairdresser, the look with a darker approach remains super trendy.

# 2 Ice blonde

ice blonde hair color trends 2021

Ash blonde and platinum have been pretty popular for the past few seasons. This year the motto is: ice-blonde! The cooler the blonde color, the better. This hair color trend immediately captivates with a clear, Scandinavian elegance and creates an unmistakable, almost magical atmosphere. Long curly or wavy hair looks incredibly sophisticated in ice blonde, but shorter hairstyles can also score with it. However, professionals advise brunettes against this hair color because the hair decolorizing and coloring is carried out in a few rounds and dark hair can be too stressful.

# 3 Warm brown

honey brown balayage hair colors trends 2021

If you’re not into blonde that much or have just worn this hair color for too long, this season you can try a warm brown. Honey, golden brown, caramel or hazelnut are popular variants and can be skillfully intensified with sunny highlights. Last year’s bronde hair color continues to be highly recommended. This playful mix of blonde and brunette is the perfect choice for anyone who likes both and doesn’t want to go to the coloring appointment too often.

# 4 espresso brown

espresso brown hair color trends 2021

This new hair color trend is simply going to love natural brunettes. Dark, chocolatey hair that is styled without highlights and streaks and impresses with subtle undertones. It’s not for nothing that this trendy hair color is called espresso, because its smooth depth is just too reminiscent of the world-famous favorite drink.

# 5 Glossy Black

hair color trends 2021 natural color black

Jet black, shiny hair is back in vogue. What made the hearts of many fashion-conscious women beat faster in the 90s is now absolutely hip again. You wear the new black in your hair as shiny as possible or in an undone look, casual and playful. A few blue-black streaks provide even more depth and a mysterious aura.

# 6 Fiery red

copper red hair color trends 2021

Luminous cherry or cheeky copper red require a certain courage to color. These spirited shades enrich the latest hair color trends for 2021 in a big way. Depending on the natural hair color and skin type, both blondes and brunettes can opt for them. Even enthusiastic fans of the popular Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit” will definitely get their money’s worth with copper-colored hair like the leading actress “Beth”.

# 7 rose-blonde

pink blonde hair color trends 2021

Hair in powdery rosé looks imaginative and supple, almost like cotton candy. Fortunately, this year this hair color is making its comeback. Also called “candy pink”, the effective trend is hair of all lengths and hairstyles. Rounded off with the right make-up, rosé blonde can appear both girly and subtly feminine.


This year there is again something for every taste. You can revive your natural color and let it shine, or you can make a bolder decision and switch to copper red or rose. You can opt for light highlights through balayage or painting, or you can opt for more depth and warmth, for example with an espresso brown. Regardless of which of these 2021 hair color trends you choose, you should trust the know-how and specialist knowledge of a professional so that everything is right in the end.

Invite the sun’s rays into your hair!

hair color trends 2021 natural color long hair

Ash blonde remains the trend

ash blonde hair colors trends 2021

Candy pink is back in fashion

hair color trends 2021 pastel pink

Balayage is proving to be a long-running favorite

balayage brown blonde strand hair colors trends 2021

Skillfully intensify natural color

hair color trends 2021 blonde balayage

It gets more passionate with the right shade of red

hair color trends 2021 light warm brown

Find the best hair color trend for yourself!

hair color trends 2021 red brown silver purple

balayage dark hair hair colors trends 2021

hair color trends 2021 chocolate brown copper red    make curls yourself without heat long hair

jet black hair color trends 2021

hair color trends 2021 copper red

rose hair hair colors trends 2021

silver gray hair hair colors trends 2021