Summer is around the corner and the strong sun reminds us that we should also protect ourselves from the sun’s rays. The eyes are one of our 5 sensory organs and therefore an important part of our body. In order to enjoy good eyesight, we need to take good care of our eyes. In this sense, sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, they are also important sun protection for the eyes. Fortunately, health and fashion can go hand in hand. Designer sunglasses are high quality and keep pace with current fashion trends.

If you want to protect your eyes with one of the breathtaking sunglasses for spring / summer 2019, then take the current models under the hood and choose the right sunglasses for your face shape according to your personal preferences. If you are the creative type then you are sure to enjoy the trends in designer sunglasses 2019.

Which are the current designer sunglasses for the spring / summer season 2019

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 shape color tendencies

One of the hottest models of 2019 are the shield sunglasses, with both a sporty and a more classic design. The shape and color of the glasses can be relatively different.

It is noticeable that the aviator sunglasses that were so popular in previous years are missing this season. But cat-eye sunglasses and triangular sunglasses are still very popular.

Overall, the current designer sunglasses look futuristic, innovative and elegant, although there are a few more retro options as well.

Current trends and eye-catching models

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 Shield sunglasses dark glasses

1. Shield sunglasses

Shield sunglasses are the best protection because they cover a large part of the face. Their key feature is that they are not double-framed like most sunglasses, but are made from a large piece of clear material that covers both eyes and the bridge of the nose.

The sportier version of the shield sunglasses is available from the Stella McCartney brand and is characterized by an aerodynamic shape, colorful mirrored lenses and only one top frame.

Sunglasses that sit like a shield

Designer Sunglasses Trends Spring Summer 2019 Shield Sunglasses

Oversized shield sunglasses are also in vogue this season, with the most extreme variants being seen at Marques ‘Alemeida, Rick Owens and Gucci. At Miu Miu, the shield sunglasses are characterized by a bow jewelry in the middle, directly above the nose, and a little more bling-bling on the sides. Other designers who play around with the Shield sunglasses are Loewe, Tod’s, Tom Ford and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Oversized shield sunglasses are still trendy

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 Shield sunglasses variants

2. Sporty sunglasses

The great comeback of shield sunglasses has had a significant effect on eyewear trends in summer 2019. Both the sporty models and the elegant and fine designs were influenced by it.

Sporty sunglasses with oversized shield accents were made by Nicopanda, Each x Other, MSGM, Zadig & Voltaire and 3.1 Phillip Lim presented. There were also futuristic mountain sunglasses on display, which are perfect for winter use.

Courreges presents sunglasses that combine three trends in one look – shield, flat top and sporty accents.

Designer sunglasses for sporty and fashion-conscious women

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 sporty sunglasses

Oversized and sporty

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 sporty sunglasses models

3. Sunglasses with glitter applications 

Jewels and embellishments are a common sight on designer sunglasses, but this season they have taken the designers to the extreme.

It would be a real surprise if Dolce & Gabbana would not have sent models with massive and jeweled sunglasses on the catwalk. The Italian haute couture brand presented sunglasses with gold frames in the form of the brand logo, as well as with many other frames adorned with gold, pearl and jewel designs.

Particularly noteworthy are sunglasses at Givenchy, which are simply overflowing with jewelry chains. Other eye-catching sunglasses for 2019 were seen on the runway by Prada and Jeremy Scott.

Sunglasses like jewelry

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 glitter trend

4. Sunglasses with patterned frames

The brands that really stand out from the crowd with fabric swatches are also the ones that made remarkable patterns and prints on sunglasses a trend.

Of course we have to start with Moschino. The brand presented fun and creative scribble patterns on suits and dresses and has skillfully transferred them to sunglasses.

Polka dots are one of the current trends and this was masterfully implemented in black and white by Fendi.

Patterns are popular

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 frame with pattern

5. Sunglasses with roten frame

Versace’s triangular sunglasses have a bright red frame that contrasts with the light blue lenses. Salvatore Ferragamo is about colorful plastic frames, including red frames and black glasses.

Red sunglasses that were worn by a model at the Sally Lapointe fashion show consist of a light, clear plastic frame with matching glasses. Red sunglasses with red lenses were also part of the Each X Other collection.

The classic red color does not go out of style

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 red frame

6. Designer sunglasses with triangular lenses

This season the designer sunglasses with triangular lenses have more of a futuristic than a retro effect. The models are slim and sophisticated, with a slightly avant-garde look.

Burberry opted for a particularly unique take on this trend, with the glasses having a slightly rounded top and being pulled down, giving the models a somewhat sad effect.

Exactly the opposite can be seen at Marni, where triangular glasses are turned slightly upwards, which gives an ultra-futuristic effect. Sally Lapointe and Saint Laurent have also designed triangular sunglasses for spring 2019 that are absolutely worth mentioning.

Triangles and other geometric shapes are gaining popularity 

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 triangular glasses sunglasses

7th. Micro sunglasses

While oversized sunglasses are all the rage, some extremely small models are fighting to win their place on the trending list too. Narrow glasses looked futuristic and come in both triangular and rectangular shapes.

Micro sunglasses come in many different styles. They can be ultra slim and worn casually on the middle of the nose.

Sally Lapointe presents super-flat, triangular sunglasses in all sorts of fun colors. Courreges is also showing some ultra-flat sunglasses.

As narrow as possible

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 micro sunglasses

In addition to the fashionable futuristic thin sunglasses, the current eyewear trends also show interesting shapes of tiny sunglasses that are more decorative than protecting the eyes from the sun’s rays.

Each x Other and Saint Laurent both present a range of tiny sunglasses in every shape, from diamond shapes to interesting, thunder-inspired designs.

Narrow, angular and patterned

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 Micro sunglasses narrow models

8. Sunglasses with large square lenses

Square sunglasses are perfect and timeless. You can always wear sunglasses with large square lenses when there is no makeup and you will still look fashionable. So it’s no surprise that this model continues to be on trend.

Christian Dior’s interpretation caught the attention of almost all fashion bloggers. Other designers who have presented large square models are Boss, Chanel, Burberry.

Modern glasses can also be large and square

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 large square frames

9. Unique glasses shapes

Some of the 2019 summer season sunglasses do not fit any of the trends mentioned above because they are so innovative. The designers played skilfully and loosely with all traditional glasses shapes and created fascinating variants that are difficult to describe. Enjoy daring creations from brands like Acne Studios, Saint Laurent, Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Sportmax.

Quirky creations for daring fashion fans

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 eye-catching designer models Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 eye-catching models Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 eye-catching sunglasses

10. Designer sunglasses with classic round lenses

If sharp edges are just not your thing, then you can turn to sunglasses with round lenses.

One of the softer round sunglasses at Etro has a delicate wire frame, dark, but still transparent and oversized round lenses. Glasses with round lenses are also very popular with Elie Saab. And rounded blue glasses protruded from frameless sunglasses at Arthur Arbesser’s.

The classic round shape is also present

Designer sunglasses trends spring summer 2019 round glasses

These are 10 of the current fashion trends in designer sunglasses for the spring / summer season 2019, but that’s not all. Stick with it and get acquainted with the next 10 eyewear trends in our following article.