Finding the perfect glasses for optimal viewing and wearing comfort is no rocket science. The purchase of glasses is one of the most important matters in the life of every glasses wearer and should therefore be handled with a lot of patience and sensitivity. In addition to your own taste in terms of glasses style and colors, good expertise and the best quality play a decisive role here. Because this way you can be even more certain that you have received the perfect tailor-made product. In the following lines we concentrate on the most important aspects for choosing glasses. We will also inform you about the right equipment for the lenses and the right frame to ensure the glasses fit perfectly.

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What do you need your new glasses for??

The first and very important question that you should ask yourself before buying glasses is: what do I need the glasses for and under what conditions. In this regard, you can then decide more easily, ideally with the help of experienced advice, which type of glasses you should buy. Is it single vision glasses for farsightedness or nearsightedness, reading glasses, varifocals, special glasses for the workplace or sports glasses. In many cases, the best solution is to order two different glasses, especially when it comes to a specific work or sport. The question of the exact area of ​​application of the glasses as well as the next options below are the be-all and end-all when buying glasses, regardless of whether you are at the optician’s site or want to buy online.

buying glasses online tips

Choosing glasses correctly

The most important part of your glasses are undoubtedly the lenses. Because not all frames fit all lenses, you should first decide which lenses you need. In the past, more mineral glass was used for the production of spectacle lenses. Today, modern plastic lenses, also known as organic lenses, are becoming more and more popular. This is because these have increased break resistance thanks to different lens coatings, which in turn minimizes the risk of injury.

The so-called anti-reflective coating is a classic among ophthalmic lens coatings. This ensures a freer, reflex-free look and helps the eyes of those who wear glasses look more natural. It is therefore very important to ensure that the glasses lenses have a sufficient anti-reflective coating. The hard layer is one of the most important finishes for ophthalmic lenses, especially for plastic lenses. It is a special hard lacquer coating that makes the glasses robust and scratch-resistant. In addition, this noticeably increases the quality of vision and lifespan.

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Another option is the CleanCoat coating, which optimally smooths the glass surface. Dust and dirt have less chance and you rarely need to clean your glasses. Water-repellent or antistatic coatings also ensure that the selected glasses are even more comfortable to see and wear.

It all depends on the right glasses frame

Although the choice of the glasses frame is largely a matter of taste, there are a few things to consider. For example, golden, brownish or other pastel colors are recommended for lighter types, while darker types can tolerate stronger, bright colors. The shape of the face is also groundbreaking when it comes to optically perfect fitting of the glasses. So it would be advisable to choose more angular glasses frames for round faces and more round shapes for angular ones. It is easier for people with oval faces. Almost all frame shapes will fit you and you can then decide according to your mood.

And when it comes to the right materials for the glasses frame, you have a lot to choose from. You can opt for a plastic frame that gives you more flexibility in terms of colors and shapes, or you can choose metal, titanium or carbon if you prefer the stricter, minimalist look.

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Additional aspects when choosing your glasses frame are the frame type and the exact width of the glasses. With the first, you can choose between rimless as well as full-rim and half-rim glasses. And with the second, you can simply measure the width along the upper frame line of your old glasses using a ruler.

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Good opticians and eyewear manufacturers are always available to help and advise you, not only on site, but also online. And so you can order your perfect glasses easily and safely with just a click of the mouse.

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