If you have ever strolled along the harbors on Sylt, on Maximilianstrasse in Munich or on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, then you will certainly have noticed a whole range of expensive accessories and one or the other luxury watch on the wrists of the fashion crowd. Without a doubt, such watches are wonderful examples of horological craftsmanship, but unfortunately they also have their price – right? We’ll tell you how you can get the luxury watches of the big brands much cheaper.

Tips for buying a watch - How to get a cheap luxury watch2

Buy used and save money

The model of the used market is actually not a new concept, in some cases it may seem a bit strange – for example in relation to luxury watches. On closer inspection, trading in used watches from brands such as Rolex, Breitling and Co. makes perfect sense and one wonders why one should buy new at all. After all, there are not only online marketplaces that sell second-hand clothing and accessories, but also special dealers who focus solely on buying and selling used watches. With a provider like Watchmaster, for example, you can get a used Omega watch in very good condition including a 24-month guarantee, significantly cheaper than a brand new model from an official brand boutique.

Not only will you fulfill your dream of your own luxury watch, but you will also quickly save a few thousand euros when you buy such a used timepiece. In the end there is sometimes even enough money left over for the long-awaited designer chair or to buy a great new living room lamp. So why go without one when you can just as easily have both?

Tips for buying a watch - How to get a cheap luxury watch3

How safe is it to buy an expensive watch online??

The thought that you are not safe from being ripped off when buying online is quite understandable. In order to best protect yourself against possible fraudsters, you should therefore only rely on certified dealers. In addition, it is important to find out in advance what the prices are for certain luxury watches. A little tip: if the price for a Rolex seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

With certified online retailers, in most cases you even have the option of financing your new favorite watch in easy installments. Buying a luxurious timepiece does not tear a hole in your wallet, but also gives you the opportunity to spend other things without having to pay for yourself. Your new watch may then only cost you € 50 a month, making it even cheaper than many a mobile phone contract.

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Why should you buy a luxury watch at all??

This is a perfectly legitimate question when you consider that today every mobile phone is equipped with a high-precision time display, which essentially makes a mechanical timepiece obsolete. So why wear a mechanical wristwatch at all when we can already, AR contact lenses with integrated display to manufacture? Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves where their own preferences lie in this regard. But one thing is certain: Wristwatches are still an integral part of daily needs, whether necessary or not, and all too many men and women feel more or less “naked” when the watch is not on their wrist. Wristwatches also offer their wearer the opportunity to express their personality and taste without being too offensive or attracting negative attention. A high-quality accessory on the wrist is therefore a great accent for a confident and confident appearance.

This is where luxury watches come into play. Sometimes the gold Rolex watch may have a dubious reputation, but when combined properly it can look quite stylish and make a very good impression. The advantages of a luxury watch are namely the extremely high quality of workmanship and the high-quality materials. For example, an Omega watch can be over 50 years old and still look new and run precisely. If you look at the longevity of luxury watches, the prices don’t seem that high anymore. Due to their long durability, wristwatches from well-known manufacturers are also emotional mementos that can accompany you throughout your life. The daily winding of a mechanical wristwatch can also become a beloved morning ritual like shaving after the daily shower.

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A luxury watch as a stable investment

If these arguments are not enough for you to buy a used luxury watch, then we would like to introduce you to another aspect at this point: Investment. Would you have thought that luxury watches are now partly traded like stocks? By buying and selling the right watch, you can not only recoup the purchase price you paid, but maybe even double it. But even if you don’t want to speculate with the timepiece on your arm, it retains a certain value due to its origin and the high-quality and finely processed materials. If you buy a second-hand gold Omega watch, for example, it will usually keep the value you paid for on the second-hand market. In the case of a timepiece made of precious metal, you can otherwise always refer to the material value, in this case in other words the gold value, set.

Just take a look at the websites of popular online retailers for used luxury watches and get an idea of ​​the huge selection of watch brands and models for yourself. We are sure that you are guaranteed to fall in love with a model or two!

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