The wedding ring is the most romantic symbol of love between two people. Hardly anything else is charged with so much importance and actually has a functional signal value. This tells the outside world that the person is taken. Therefore, many people attach great importance to the appearance of their wedding rings. For all those in love who want to say yes this year, we have selected some current models of wedding rings 2019 and presented them here. All other bridal couples who want to keep up with fashion and buy their wedding rings can benefit from this too.

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Wedding rings 2019: gold or silver?

Most people associate gold jewelry with love and romance. Therefore, most will also in 2019 Models on wedding rings made of gold or offered in a gold tone. However, the appearance of the rings strongly depends on the pure gold content in the selected alloy. Metals with 585 grams of fine gold are very popular. Rings with a significantly lower gold content do not look so beautiful and do not come into their own.

But if you want wedding rings in a beautiful silver tone, you should go for platinum this year. For a long time, this metal was considered an absolute luxury because it was difficult to manufacture and therefore particularly expensive. But today platinum is quite cheap compared to white gold. Here, the 950 alloy is the luxury class, which is also considered indestructible. It is said that the indestructibility of marriage should be reflected in the chosen metal of the wedding rings.

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Narrow and delicate wedding rings

The ultra-filigree wedding ring trend has emerged in recent years. This year, however, this will be strengthened even further. Ring widths between 2 and 4 millimeters in a timeless classic design will be very trendy. Since these rings do not require a large amount of material, even couples with a small budget can afford wedding rings made of high-priced platinum. And be very happy about it!

Millgriff wedding rings

Even the simplest wedding rings with a mill grip finish or known as pearling look very attractive and are something very special, even without diamonds! In this process, circular structures arranged in a row are pressed into the ring.

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Memoire wedding rings

As everyone knows, diamonds are a woman’s best friend! A memoire wedding ring is a bezel ring made with several diamonds of the same size. Wearing an additional jewelry ring as a ladies’ wedding ring is a trend that has come to us from France. More and more brides are putting together an individual wedding ring set. They usually combine a simple wedding ring with a lavishly decorated eternity ring.

In a nutshell, these are the wedding ring trends. You can see that the wedding rings 2019 give everyone the opportunity to find what is right for themselves. We wish you a quick and easy ring selection and, of course, good luck with your family!

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