wallpaper with pattern living room floral motifs sofa throw pillows

Successfully integrate wallpaper with a pattern into a modern home design

Before we begin, please each individually answer the following provocative question: In what context do you think would be wallpaper with template enroll? We’d rather answer it this way: it depends on the execution of the pattern.

For example, you can find something for any bedroom that can look beautiful and suitable in the specific context.

de Gournay mural wallpaper in the living room with a fresh pattern

wallpaper with pattern de Gournay mural wallpaper

English style pattern in the bedroom

wallpaper with pattern english style flowers

Girlish with large patterns in retro style

Are you designing a children’s room? Or do you want a retro style in which you feel like a romantic lady from the old days when there were a lot of princesses? Then look for any patterns that look a bit old-fashioned, but at least look chic. So that the whole thing looks beautiful and appropriate, the entire interior should ideally be in harmony with it.

Vintage wallpaper that spices up the room

wallpaper with pattern floral fresh vintage

Very soft patterns against a modern background

You can also make very traditional and simple patterns look modern. You should make them smaller than usual and in a modern shade. The shading in the background should also look quite up-to-date.

Wall wallpaper with a modern pattern

wallpaper with pattern Graham Brown design floral pattern

One or two-tone wallpaper with relief patterns

This solution also looks very chic and interesting. It is also very practical. Because it would be able to cover up the inequalities of a wall. You can also furnish the ambience with patterned textiles.

Wallpaper with patterns in an English style

This solution is very well suited for the traditional ambience in sophisticated houses. In order for the whole thing to work very well, it is best to cover all four walls. It would also be appropriate to combine the whole thing with real living patterns.

A fresh wallpaper that is by no means obtrusive

wallpaper with pattern floral motifs design walls


If you use classic wallpaper with patterns, you should be extremely careful. The whole thing has to appear cautious, but not uptight. Bring more life into the room with a great color that is discreet.

You could combine wallpaper patterns with other patterns in the interior

wallpaper with pattern bedroom Cathy Kincaid

Elegant pattern in black and purple

wallpaper with pattern dresser round wall mirror

Minimalism with patterned wallpaper?

Yes, that is also possible. But you have to use the wallpaper as an accent. In addition, the patterns should show the same nuance as the background. They should look like a light, barely noticeable relief.

Shabby chic

If you want to experience blossoms in full splendor on your patterned wallpaper, then you should opt for shabby chic style. But they absolutely have to be combined with furniture and maybe even textures of the same style so that the whole thing doesn’t look somehow grotesque. In addition, you clearly ensure a feminine look in the room. You have to ask yourself beforehand whether this is actually what you want.

Bring some color into the interior!

wallpaper with pattern Shabby chic design

Thibaut wallpaper in the bedroom

wallpaper with pattern bedroom english style thibaut

How about Provence style?

Patterned wallpaper in the Provence style is also a nice thing. By the way, you would enroll in a bedroom particularly nicely. Such a choice would be, for example, wallpaper patterned in pink with a very subtle background.

Create a stylish ambience by choosing a Provence style wallpaper

wallpaper bedroom Provence mural wallpaper pattern

Boho style – a really cool choice

The patterned wallpapers in boho style are not only bold. Above all else, they are really sensual. That’s why they are also wonderful to use in a bedroom.

Boho style wallpaper will suit your wall?

wallpaper with pattern boho style wall design

So what important conclusions can be drawn?

The bottom line is, we believe that we have proven that the patterned wallpaper inscribes itself in almost every style. So, if you like this idea, you wouldn’t have to go without it. At the same time, one cannot say that there are no restrictions at all. Patterned wallpaper is usually bad for eclectic solutions. Rather, you’d have to decide on a style and stick to it. So we are dealing with an appealing but also binding solution.

Blenheim Celadon wallpaper combined with white carpet

blenheim celadon mural blenheim jewel curtain

Chinoiserie wallpaper

wallpaper with pattern Chinoiserie living room

Ellie Cashman’s floral pattern

wallpaper with pattern Ellie Cashman design

The colors have been freshly combined to create a unique ambience

wallpaper pattern floral elements shades of purple

Colorful patterns and furniture in stark shades

wallpaper living room pink armchair green dresser

Bring nature to the wall

wallpaper with pattern floral elements green

 The wallpaper pattern goes great with the bed linen

wallpaper bedroom floral pattern bedspread