wedding decoration girly roses pink white red table

Celebrate the wedding like in the Orient

The Indian wedding is known for its lush atmosphere, which is very lively and cheerful thanks to the complete, festive, vibrant, colorful decoration.

The wedding decorations you choose and create for your own engagement will actually affect the whole ambience and all of your guests.

There are many possibilities and decoration ideas for a thematically embellished environment, sometimes it is even difficult to decide on the best one. Organize a meeting with your friends and relatives and discuss several creative ideas and points of view that you may find useful. Here we have collected some examples and illustrations to make your choice easier.

Striking, hanging decoration – extravagant wedding decoration

decoration wedding idea design yellow white cover

Your wedding decorations should look appropriate. White flowers are not the best for a typical Indian wedding because the white is considered a mourning color. Red, maroon, light orange, pink, green and their shades denote the Indian wedding.

Choose a color scheme for each event and match it with any decorations chosen for the wedding. So if you choose red colors, they shouldn’t contrast with the tablecloth, for example.

Table decoration with purple accents

wedding table decoration ideas purple textures fabrics

If you choose fresh flowers as wedding decorations, you ensure their freshness all night long. Wilted flowers can really spoil the whole celebratory look, even if the plants you choose look very exquisite.

Aside from the fact that flowers play the main role in a wedding decoration, don’t forget other options such as aromatic candles, wind chimes, decorative ribbons and silk.

Celebratory atmosphere – dark, confidential decoration in purple

decoration wedding idea design guests cocktail violet wall design

Shine, shine and elegance decoration wedding idea design reception bride and groom purple lights

Airy curtains add to the comfortable atmosphere

decoration wedding airy curtains seating lights

 Light green and yellow – cheerful shades of color modern wedding celebrate decoration yellow green happy

Fresh yellow flowers and the cage has a symbolic meaning

extravagant wedding decoration yellow roses flowers fresh cage

Happy hanging paper decorations in orange and red

extravagant wedding decoration garlands paper decoration

Dominant red and white colors – chair covers and airy curtains

extravagant wedding decoration indian engagement glow flowers

This wedding atmosphere offers elegance and style

extravagant wedding decoration indian engagement dark dramatic

Indian wedding – oriental and striking

extravagant wedding decoration indian engagement oriental

The flowers of love – red roses on the table

extravagant wedding decoration love red roses table decoration

Whimsical lighting makes the ambience simply magical

classical furnishings purple pink mixed colors curtains piano music

Red ribbons and white chair covers

extravagant wedding decoration red white chair cover

A spring wedding

extravagant wedding decoration factual white greens

Built-in indirect blue lighting

extravagant wedding decoration dance lighting

Elegant and exquisite in violet – wine glasses and flowers

extravagant wedding decoration wine glasses flower vase

Dominant autumn colors

orange flowers blossoms footpath trees seating wedding deco

Tender and cute on the festive wedding table – glowing candles

extravagant wedding decoration delicate white blue table decoration candles